Client call scheduling etiquette

Client call scheduling etiquette

It is required to adhere to the below options when scheduling meetings/sessions with your clients and stakeholders. This is not optional. 

If it’s a meeting with one person,
  • Calendar them for a particular time that suits you and email them and tell them that you proposed a time but to let you know what time might work better for them if it doesn’t suit them.

If it’s a meeting with a group of people,
  • Send a couple of calendar invites with “option 1”, “option 2” or “option 3” appended to it at the end and see which one has the most acceptances. Then ask the lead on the client-side to confirm if we can continue knowing that person XYZ can’t make it - or propose some more options if they prefer. 
  • Alternatively, work with the lead on the client-side and get them to do a free/busy check on the calendars of people on their side to identify the best slot for the call. 
Note - In all cases, try to be proactive and propose a slot first. Always confirm meetings through the calendar - never through email. 

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