Support Services - Incoming / Outgoing Call handling process -Global Support +1-914-908-4886

Support Services - Incoming / Outgoing Call handling process -Global Support +1-914-908-4886

Warm and Cold calling Guidelines

We need to make sure that we keep ourselves logged in to the skype common login and make sure the calls are answered during the shift times we cover as 18/5. 

Skype login will rotate among the Support staff Naomi, Randy, Sam, Larry, William, Allen, Asher, Adam and Dennis
Skype login -

High-level plan for the Skype voice call tracker 

  1. On all weekdays, from  9 AM to 6 PM Naomi, Adam and Dennis will be logged in. 
  2. Other than that Randy, Sam, Larry, Allen and Asher need to keep logged in within their respective shift times per the defined monthly roster until 3 am [IST]
  3. Each time minimum of 1 support engineer to be idle and available to pick and answer an incoming call through the hotline. 
  4. A separate skype chat group (Support Services - Global Support +1-914-908-4886) is created to communicate among the nominated engineers + Paul & Kavin. It is required to update/communicate with other members using the group, whenever you are going to logout from the common skype account, confirm the reason and let others know. 
  5. All these calls (Incoming & Outgoing) to be tracked in the Cold and Warm call tracker as a Monthly based report. This is mandatory to all the support staff engage in incoming & outgoing calls. 

6. Ticket reference number is a must for each record of the above-mentioned report. For any record that does not include a reference, it should be clarified in the notes section. 

How to start the call

Typically when answering the support line with any customer or prospects, we utilize the following greeting below:

i.e. "OrangeHRM Support Services, this is [Your name here] speaking How may I help you" 

What to capture

Any incoming call through the hotline can be, 
  • Active Client
  • Prospect or a sales call
  • Marketer 
Things you need to be clear of when handling the call.

What's the Client/Caller Name? - Always get the caller's name spelled correctly and note down. 

What's the company name? - Always get the company name spelled correctly. If an active client you can do a quick search in CRM

Who called from that company? - Position he/she holds within the organization. 
Location (Country) ? Specially for a prospect

What's their contact number/email or the call-back number? Make sure you have the correct contact details. Always read back to the caller to verify the given details

What's the purpose of the callVery important to know those before you take any action relevant to the call received. 

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